Social Media Management

Let us take care of it, so you can concentrate on what you do best!

At this point in the game, not having an active social media presence is
kind of like handing all of your clients to your competitors..


Are you short on time?

Are you short on time and the resources needed to effectively manage your social?

We see many businesses posting on social for the sake of it. Just to be on there.

The reality is that Social Marketing requires an investment of time, research and a plan.We deliver engaging content that has a proven track record of attracting followers that turn into real customers!

What we do when running our clients social media

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Client: Lean Performance Gym
Industry: Fitness
Package: Frequent Bundle
(2 posts / week)

Client: The Greenery Restaurant Cronulla
Industry: Hospitality
Package: Maxi Saver
(3 posts per week)

Client: Sheer Perfection Beauty
Industry: Beauty Therapy
Package: Frequent Bundle
(2 posts / week)


Social Management Packages

Beat your Competitors:

Don’t let them get to your potential customers first, If you’re active on social you can gain followers first, your competition will be playing catch up. instead of the other way around.

Drive Traffic:

All posts are designed to have a call to action. Adding your website or contact info at the bottom of posts to drive customers back to different platforms. This also prevents other users stealing your posts.

Brand Recognition:

All posts are designed in your branding, colours and style so followers instantly recognise you when scrolling through their busy newsfeeds.